Our Story

We are the husband and wife team behind the name Corona Films, Marc and Alicia Corona. We take pride in creating unique and cinematic wedding films. We love our job, our couples, and having the opportunity to tell their love story. In 5 years we have filmed and created over 100 heirloom films for couples to enjoy. Marc's passion & Alicia's attention to detail create a duo that is devoted to documenting your occasion and creating a film you will love and rewatch for years to come.


To craft these films we take into account everything: lighting, music, color-grade, pace, what gear we use, etc. to ensure every film is flawless and leaves an impression. We are constantly perfecting our craft and expanding our knowledge in filmmaking to provide the absolute best service at every wedding we film. 


Although filmmaking is our passion, our greatest accomplishments are our daughters Everley June and Ophelia Blake. They drive us to be our best selves, and inspire us to run a business that makes them proud while keeping us laughing and lighthearted.

We can't wait to meet you and tell your story! -a & m